Versatile text processor

For those of us who can't afford to dish out the hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office, we're put on the seemingly impossible quest of finding a decent cost-effective text editor. There are plenty out there, but none that qualify as a Power Text Editor like Blaze does with its numerous time saving features!

International spell checking, text to speech, Rich Text Format (RTF) support, and document statistics are some of the reasons Blaze, quite seriously, "blazes" past the competition. Also, convert line breaks to Mac, UNIX or Windows format in seconds, paste the clipboard contents with or without custom styling, export as an HTML web page, strip HTML tags, smarten or stupefy quotes, and strip styles from a document.

However, two of the most time saving features in Blaze are the styles copier and shortcuts. You can select text, copy the font, style, color, and size from it, select additional text and choose paste. It won't paste the old text, but instead make the selected text match the styles of the previous! You can also say goodbye to shorthand, and hello to shortcuts! Shortcuts are user-defined snippets of text which can be inserted with the stroke of a key.

Let Blaze make typing more efficient and less time consuming for you with its powerful feature set and user friendly non-bloated interface. Download the free fifteen day trial — there's literally nothing to lose except the extra work you're still doing!


  • Recent File List
  • Send E-Mails
  • Go to Top, Bottom, Line
  • Copy and Paste Styles
  • Paste With or Without Styles
  • Insert Date & Time
  • Jump to Selection
  • Replace, Replace All, Replace and Find
  • International Spell Checking
  • Text to Speech
  • TTITLECASE, Sentence Case, lowercase Text
  • Strip All Styles
  • Strip HTML Tags
  • Line Ending Conversion
  • Show/Clear Clipboard
  • Print Document
  • Smarten or Stupefy Quotes
  • Set Font, Size, Color, and Style
  • Export as HTML or Plain Text
  • Shortcuts
  • Import Text
  • Rich Text Reading and Writing



Blaze 2.6.1